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Nikki Ng
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Some random facts about me:

1. I am only 4ft11in tall (super short)^^;
2. I have a tendency to talk to myself or inanimate objects.(it just kind of happens):crazy:

Current Residence: Somewhere in California
Favourite genre of music: rock,punk,country,pop-anything but polka
Favourite style of art: changes daily
Favourite cartoon character: Yakko Warner,Bugs Bunny, and Daria
Personal Quote: I like to live like I'm in a cartoon.

Still Alive with Strange Dreams! Q/A for fun

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 2, 2016, 7:41 PM
Hi! HI!

    Had to take a break for a bit to try and resolve some health related issues, and now that things are better I should be able to get back to a semi-regular drawing routine. Needed a little down time as well, a bit burnt out from working this past holiday season. Super excited to have a week off starting this Saturday. Yay! :la: Still trying to talk Larry into going to see Deadpool for Valentines Day. Really want to go see that...because you know...reasons. Will try to  finish up the remaining art trades ASAP. Sorry they are taking so long. ^^;  Anyhow, I wanted to share some snippets from some of my silly vivid dreams that amused me. As well some questions about dreams for ya'll at the bottom if you care to answer. :meow:

Dream #1 "The Zombie Apocalypse" : **Probably came about after watching the hubby playing Left4Dead and a few episodes of Walking Dead.** 

    Started out with my hubby and I in an amusement park. We noticed that a group of uniformed men were going around and pulling people out of the crowd at first what looked to be random. We then realized that they were grabbing those who were showing signs of what appeared to be a cold. Those of us who were not exhibiting symptoms were quickly being ushered to the back lot of the park down a narrow corridor. We could hear people coughing then suddenly we heard gun shots and lots of screaming. We looked back towards the direction and noticed that they were shooting those who were coughing. There was a large set of doors with some raised windows at the end of the corridor. We rushed towards the doors and realized that they were locked. As we tried to get the door open we heard some more people screaming and when we looked back again there was more gun shots and now the zombies were there too. To escape he hoisted me onto up to reach the window when it was our turn to climb then as I reached back to help him up things got worse and he let go and told me to leave. Watched him grab a gun from a fallen uniformed guy and run. I don't remember what happened after that,but then I remember in part of the dream I was sneaking into some sort of government facility to try and bust my hubby out. There was a person who was helping a small group of people I was with enter into the place through the kitchen, and I don't remember the rest since my alarm when off. Woke up a bit shaken from that one. 

Dream #2
"That F@&*ing Duck!": **Not even sure how this even got this in my head**

     Somehow my dreams tend to play out in something similar to cartoon short format. For the love of fluffy I wish I remembered all of this one. The small bit that I remember is that  Ayako, some cartoon characters( TTA & A!), and some FCs from here were some kind of superhero/secret agents :shrug:  and they were investigating the hideout of the villain that was on an island that had a small population. As (Ayako) was inside a house questioning a few of the inhabitants we heard loud boom from outside and the engine of our jet start up. Someone yelled out that we needed to get back to the jet. Guess Ayako must have been the tech to the darn thing because I remember running outside looking up and seeing the side door open and a duck stick his head out and laugh. Since Ayako could not do anything about it she/I started yelling "FU*& YOU YOU F#%$ING DUCK!" and "THAT F^%#*ng DUCK TAKING THE JET!" then continued to yell a stream of profanities as everyone started scrabbling to get things under control. 

That one really amused me since I rarely use profanity.

Dream related nonsense
 "Hammer Space/ Running Fast/Flying/POV" :

    I dunno about any of ya'll but once I realize I'm dreaming I try to do stuff I know is not possible. An example of that is running up a wall and on top of a giant globe like the one at Universal Studios (please don't ask only remember trying to get away from a cop or something).  Also vaguely remember one where I got really frustrated that I could not pull out my mallet because it had to be there. Silly thing,but trying to run fast and somehow ending up in slow motion is a annoying too. Trying to fly is a giant pain in the butt, can get off the ground but never get up in the air as high as I want.  Another strange thing is jumping from one persons POV to another's. 

Questions for fun:

1. Do you know when you are dreaming?

2. Have you ever tried to fly, jump high, run super fast or do other impossible feats in your dreams?

3.Have you ever experienced a dream from one of your character's  POV? 

4. How often do you have vidid dreams?

5. Do you believe that some of  your dreams can be symbolic and are a manifestation of what is going on in your life at that given point in time? 

6. (if answering 5) Have you ever looked up meanings in a dream dictionary?

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  • Drinking: coffee


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